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Tailored Strategies for Measurable Success

Our PPC campaigns are meticulously crafted to capture the attention of your target audience, turning intent into action and clicks into customers. As a Google Premier Partner with certified expertise in Google Ads, we employ cutting-edge techniques to deliver unparalleled results.

PPC Channels

Google Adwords Campaigns

We leverage Google AdWords to ensure your brand appears exactly where and when it matters, capturing the intent of potential customers at the pinnacle of their decision-making process.

Social Media Advertising

Our expertise extends to crafting compelling PPC campaigns on major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and the dynamic world of TikTok, ensuring your message resonates across the digital landscape.

LinkedIn & Hulu Advertising:

We go beyond the conventional, harnessing the professional network of LinkedIn for B2B engagement and tapping into the streaming audience of Hulu for innovative ad placements that capture attention.

San Diego Market Insight: Rooted in San Diego, we possess an intimate understanding of its vibrant market dynamics, allowing us to create highly effective, locally targeted campaigns. This local expertise serves as a powerful advantage for businesses in the region seeking to connect with their immediate audience.

National Reach: Beyond San Diego, our strategies scale to encompass the entire US, adapting to regional nuances and leveraging national trends to maximize your brand’s reach and impact across diverse markets.

Lead Wolf PPC Packages

Google Adwords Starter Package

$ 500 Monthly
  • $1,500 One-Time Setup | $500 Monthly Management​
  • Campaign Scope: Up to 3 targeted campaigns.
  • Commitment: 3-month duration.

Starter Package

Ideal for small businesses or those new to PPC, this package focuses on establishing a solid foundation in the Google network, including text and video ads, and remarketing efforts. It’s designed to cover an ad spend of up to $2,500. This package aims at maximizing visibility on a limited budget.

Advanced Growth PPC Package​

$ 1,500 Month
  • Mluti PPC Channels & Diverse Ad Formats
  • Landing Page Development
  • In-Depth Reporting

Advanced Growth PPC Package

Tailored for businesses poised for growth or looking to strengthen their market hold, this package is also perfect for those with existing accounts, seeking aggressive marketing combined with strategic depth for durable growth in competitive arenas.

Selecting the Advanced Growth PPC Package signifies a commitment to a broad-based strategy focused not only on enhancing visibility but also on substantially boosting market presence and deepening audience engagement.

Our Method of Surfing the Digital Waves

  1. Discovery Workshop: We dive deep into your business landscape, pinpointing your objectives and understanding the challenges you face, alongside grasping the nuances of your target market.
  2. Strategic Planning: Collaboratively, we craft a bespoke strategy, defining target audiences, setting budget parameters, pinpointing optimal keywords, and selecting strategic locations for campaign deployment.
  3. Campaign Execution: With precision, we launch your campaigns, recommending a starting budget of $350-$500 monthly to effectively gather data and allow your AdWords to learn and adapt.
  4. Performance Review: Analyzing campaign outcomes is key; we scrutinize the data, making informed adjustments to continually refine and enhance campaign performance.

Elevate Your Clicks to Conversions

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Dive deeper into your current PPC strategies and uncover opportunities for growth and optimization. Our free audit provides valuable insights, setting the stage for a successful partnership and campaign strategy that aligns with your goals.

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